Monday, October 24, 2011

Glass Pendants - Art to Wear

You can keep your art on the wall, in the safe, or you can use. Murano glass pendants are perfect little pieces of art created by glass artists of Murano, near Venice in Italy, in the ancient tradition.

The glass art from Murano has been sought for centuries by the copyright and the rich and famous in Europe who could afford the magnificent chandeliers, vases and sculptures created by artists of Murano. The glassmaking techniques of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship has remained a family secret until recently. Even today, when glass artists many of those who are copying the techniques of Murano glass formation, it is still possible to say with certainty that the piece of Murano glass art is original. There is a perfect blend of artistic vision, the centuries-old tradition and pride to keep this tradition alive. Each piece of glass from Murano is carrying with him a spirit of Venetian history and cultural tradition.

 The incomparable beauty of Murano glass is particularly noticeable in smaller pieces, such as glass pendants. Pendants from Murano is an impressive piece of art in miniature, are still made by hand and created by the artistic vision of the makers of Murano glass.

Murano glass pendants represent all manufacturing techniques from Murano glass: from the famous Millefiori (thousand flowers) at Ca D'Oro and La Fenice. Each glass pendant is a great example of the art of glass making in a usable form.

There are a variety of pendants Murano glass: hearts with swirls of colors, for romantics, bright rectangles, whimsical painter inspired by Gustav Klimt for the more daring and bold, bright and airy, almost transparent crosses religious souls. There are glass pendants with the specifications of the fleet of gold in the glass bubble colors, bright and cubes that look like they have their own light source.

Fashion accessories pendants are spectacular, even for the most demanding ladies. Due to its artistic value, they are timeless and never out of style. Can be worn with a leather strap during the day, more than a sweater, or hanging from a gold chain with an expensive evening gown.

Hanging is the type of jewelry you can give as a gift to those who already have everything. Each piece is unique and shows the spirit of the wearer: bold or romantic, artistic and eccentric, but always in perfect taste.

There was a time when only the rich could afford to own a piece of Murano glass, even as small as a pendant. However, due to advances in technology, pendants, Murano glass can now be done faster, so its price remains affordable for most people. That means you can afford to have more than one crystal pendant and not have to agonize between all the pieces fell in love. You can have one for each of its mood, and particularly for use when you want to be the center of attention.