Thursday, April 21, 2011

Increase Bra Size

Increase Bra SizeIs there a way to increase bra size without increasing dress size? I want bigger boobs, but I don't want a bigger butt. Can I make my breasts grow without getting fat? Do I have to get breast implants to get a bigger bust? Having children ruined my boobs, how do I make them bigger like they used to be? The older I get, the lower my breasts sag, is there anything I can do?

No matter how you phrase it, women everywhere are wishing they could increase bra size without surgery, and without gaining a whole lot of weight all over. Sure, eating fatty foods and drinking soda will increase your bra size. It will also increase your everything else size, too. No one wants that, but women are at a loss, because how do you gain fatty tissue (that's what boobs are made of) in only one place???

Despite your boobs being made of fatty tissue, they sit on a bed of muscle. The pectoral muscles, in your chest, can be built up to give the gals a lift. Besides, it's healthy to work out! During your normal workout routine (you do have one, right?), add in a few moves that let you feel the burn in those chest muscles.

You can also increase bra size herbally. As in supplements, capsules, can find them everywhere, in all kinds of forms. If you like to take vitamins and are comfortable swallowing pills, you can pick up bottled boobie boosters at a health food store or pharmacy. If you are more into lotions and creams, grab the same herbs in a gooier form. Then massage your way into a bigger cup size. As an added bonus, let your husband or boyfriend help out with this process. Tell them it's an important medical procedure.

How to Measure Bra Size the Correct Way

How to Measure Bra Size the Correct WayThis article will show you how to measure bra size that as a mom you can pass on to your daughters and your friends. At every stage of a woman's life, from teenager to working woman, to mom, their breasts can fluctuate in size. These size differences for the most part will be ignored, as 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

After doing some research on the subject, I found out I have been wearing the wrong bra size for a while. I am no longer a teenager and have grown with age, as we all do.

Determining bra size is actually an enjoyable act, as when you get your bra size just right, it can make you look like you have lost 10 pounds, and a whole lot more pert! So let's just look into how to measure bra size to compliment your figure.

The first thing in how to measure bra size is to take the right measurements. Different brands of bras will vary in size anyway, so the actual measurements are not always spot on. Finding out your measurements at home is part one of the process. The next part is going to a shop, trying on different bras and finding the ones that fit you with the most comfort and that you like the look of.

Let's look at the first part of how to measure bra size. Your initial measurement should be the band size. By this I mean the circumference of your body below your breasts at the top of your rib cage. When doing this make sure the tape is not twisted and your arms are by your side. You can use your arms to hold the tape in place or get someone to help. The measurements should be taken down in inches and be a tight (but comfortable) fit. Always round the measurement to the nearest even number, so if the tape comes to 35.5, your band size will actually be 36 inches.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breast Shape Affects Bra Size

Breast Shape Affects Bra SizeTraditional Bra Measuring May Not Tell Your Correct Cup Size!

Why does breast shape affect your cup size?

Let me tell you a little story about a special lingerie boutique called Rigby & Peller which holds a Royal Warrant by the Queen of England (June Kenton is the Royal Corsetiere there).

Curious about what I would find behind Rigby & Peller's wall to wall wooden drawers housing luxurious lingerie, I asked what they had for someone who wears a 36A. "Love, you could never be a 36A."

Breast Shape Affects Bra Size"I was recently measured. I am a 36A," I said, knowing that I had been measured by a sales person at that pink lingerie store taking over the planet one mall at a time.

"I'm certain your frame is much smaller than a 36. Have you been fitted here before?"


"Would you like to be?"

Smaller than a 36... If Queen Elizabeth trusts them with her jewels, then there must be something to it. "Yes. I'd love to."

Instead of tape measuring, Tanya, my personal fitter at the Knightsbridge shop, looked at me bare breasted and announced that I was a 32C. Which of course, made me giddy with laughter. You see, there is no way I could be a 32 "C" because my breasts are, quite frankly, too little. A "C" cup belongs to a woman with large, bodacious breasts.

Your Bra Size Is Your Comfort Size

Your Bra Size Is Your Comfort SizeMost women view the bra as a necessary component to their daily wear. Developed from the corset in the 20th century, the modern bra has evolved to give women a choice of a variety of styles, brands and shapes to suit their desire. Bras can provide support and comfort, or simply be worn to compliment the outfit that a woman is wearing. Women should consider comfort as important a factor as style when selecting a bra to buy.

Your Bra Size Is Your Comfort SizeSome studies estimate that up to 80% of women wear an incorrect bra size. If you wear an ill-fitting bra you risk not only struggling through a day of discomfort but also skin irritation and possible rashes.