Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrity engagement rings daily cost

It seems that every time you hired a famous, all eyes will be on top in the ring incredibly beautiful. No wonder we looked with envy. Often, celebrities have the opportunity to have a ring custom made. Engagement rings celebrity will be unique and very valuable. You can leave us all a little green with envy. Would not it be nice to have a ring like that? The good thing is that you can find rings celebrity style at a very easy if you know what to look for and where to look.

Stop at the antique shop

Many famous engagement rings have a feeling the old world. Rarely consist of only a diamond solitaire. On the contrary, they often include an intricate design. Normally there will be different types of stones as well. Lately, the trend has been popular celebrities including sapphires instead of diamonds (by English royalty). If you want celebrity style, then consider visiting antique shops. You can find a number of different vintage rings that offer the same beauty as a ring of celebrity, without the hefty price tag. Some antique shops specializing in vintage jewelry, and you may find that you have more than one selection from there.

Art Deco is particularly popular among celebrities. This time period resulted in a distinct style that is easy to find in antique shops across the country.

Consider lab created diamond

Many famous engagement rings are big, bold diamonds, dazzling. Of course, when you are buying a ring of 4 carats of diamonds may be out of your price range. It may not be able to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a ring. That does not mean you can not have that big sparkler though. This is when you need to start considering the lab created diamond. These simulated diamonds can be as beautiful and natural, with a much lower price.

For example, a high quality diamond lab created should cost about $ 100 per carat. When you figure in the cost of the diamond with the cost of the configuration, you will find a choice of celebrity style very nice to a more affordable price.

Think of the metal

One of the most popular metal choices of engagement rings celebrity is platinum. Of course, platinum is a very attractive metal and metal is a very, very expensive. You can recreate the appearance of a much lower cost by choosing the silver instead. Many people can turn their nose up in silver, but when was the last time you could see two platinum rings and differentiate the silver one? The metal can seem so attractive, but can be much more in your price range. Engagement rings are known without doubt some of the most beautiful and striking. Of course, celebrities can afford to have these rings custom made to be quite dazzling. We, normal people can not afford something. This does not mean you can not have an amazing ring rival those of celebrities. Instead, you just know where to look you can find it more profitable options.