Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 4 Christmas Holidays in the World

While families love being with family and have great games for the holidays, many have found away from home makes for best Christmas holidays and also, with much less stress than a Christmas stay at home. Many of the best Christmas holiday resorts offer special events or traditions that are specially designed for customers this season. If you are looking for fun in the sun on the warm sunny shores cool or fun on the ski slopes of ice, the holiday of Christmas are spent together with family and friends.

Check out some of the destinations have been classified as hot spots for the holiday of Christmas.

A Christmas of your dreams in London

If you are looking for a cold season, traditional holiday, London should be the destination of your choice. The whole city glows with Christmas lights and many games in an environment that will make you feel like you've been transported back in time. Besides enjoying the traditional Christmas season, is also sure to enjoy the traditional post-Christmas sales begin the day after Christmas. If Santa did not bring what was wanting, you are sure to find a great pace off a shop in London during this post-holiday season.

Taking on the slopes of Aspen

Aspen is the perfect destination for those looking for a quaint and old-time Christmas holiday. The theme of the city lends itself to the perfect setting for a wonderful holiday escape. Enjoy shopping at vintage stores or check out the local light displays. Two hotels in Aspen, the Little Nell and St. Regis, offers Christmas trees in all suites a wonderful added touch. For those who want to spend some time on the slopes, Aspen is also one of the best ski areas in the United States.

Christmas Shopping Day - New York

If you can get a few days earlier, New York offers some of the best business opportunities available. Many tourists travel to New York just to enjoy the window displays found in department stores. Barney, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy's and many other stores have amazing live shows the window that people have with various activities at Christmas. There are also many programs available at Broadway Christmas that can put you right into the spirit of Christmas.

In search of Father Christmas in Lapland

If you are looking for a big man, happy in the red suit, Lapland is the place to go get it. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, Lapland is a real life Santa Claus Village. The attractions include the Santa Claus Post Office and park, plus many others. In Lapland, reindeer are free and are incorporated into most of the theme of cities. You can enjoy a sleigh ride or an Arctic safari or simply watch the aurora borealis. Kids love this place, but is a true North Pole Christmas feel. Lapland is considered one of the best Christmas holiday.

There are many other great Christmas vacation destinations, in addition to these. No matter where you decide to go, just be sure to relax and have a good time. Christmas is a time to enjoy your loved ones and give to others. With the people you love around you, any place can be one of the best Christmas holiday.