Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are ADHD Genes Gender Dependent?

In the past, we have investigated a large number of ADHD genes (that is, specific genes who have one or more forms or alleles which correlate to the disorder ADHD at higher-than-normal frequencies). We have also previously looked at some of the roles of gender effects on ADHD. However, we have not dedicated much time to exploring the possibility that these two factors may, in fact, be related.

A 2008 paper by Biederman and colleagues on sexually dimorphic effects of ADHD genes may shed some light on this potential association. They highlighted a total of four different genes which may be of influence with regards to the onset of ADHD. Two of these four genes appear to exhibit more of an influence on males, and the other two may exhibit more of an effect on females.

These four gender-related ADHD genes are listed below:
We will be exploring each of these four ADHD genes affected by gender in subsequent postings.